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Make them smile

CIMG3164Adam Golomb from Eat’n Park sent me these delicious cookies in response to my post "Never a normal thank you." 

These folks know how to get people talking about you: 

  1. The Smiley Cruiser will come to your event or fundraiser
  2. Motorcoach passengers get free cookies and the drivers eat free
  3. Downloadable PDFs of their kids placemat games so kids can share them with friends
  4. Special menus: low carb, gluten-free, kids, and "smaller portions, smaller prices"
  5. Support for non-profits with fundraiser and donations
  6. Tuition support for employees

imageAll of this, and more, add up to non-stop word of mouth.  I bet it costs less to do all of this for a year than run a few extra TV ads.  It’s worth it.

Lesson:  When you look at your budget at the end of the quarter, ask "Is there anything here that is going to get people talking?  Is there anything here that will make people smile?"

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