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MarketingProfs BtoB Forum October 1-2, Chicago

I’ll be talking about BtoB Word of Mouth Marketing:

Everyone is talking about word of mouth marketing — but what
exactly should you do to create a word of mouth marketing campaign?
Which strategies apply to B2B products, and how do you turn consumer
buzz tactics into a B2B tool?  Learn specific strategies to engage with
key reference points and generate positive word of mouth about your
brand.  Referrals have always been essential to the B2B sale.  Now you
can accelerate their impact with new word of mouth marketing best
practices, techniques, and technology.

Driving Sales: What’s New, What Works and What Sticks

Give us two days, and we’ll give your marketing team a fresh perspective on what it takes to rev up your B2B sales machine.  We’re
assembling the best minds in industry to share today’s most intriguing
ideas and tactics across a wide spectrum of marketing practices
, from brand building to lead generation to customer retention.

Swig a shot of inspiration from Chip Heath, co-author of the top-selling book Made to Stick,
who reveals the anatomy of “sticky ideas” for B2B marketers.  And learn
how to get past the hype and help your business reach buyers in the
emerging Web 2.0 landscape.

Two days of presentations and workshops will net you better ways to:

• Use all your messaging, including email, to draw more prospects into your sales pipeline
• Integrate traditional and Web 2.0 media to launch memorable, highly successful campaigns
• Build brand buzz with stories, social media tools, and customer personas   
• Exploit new trends in Search Engine Optimization
• Deploy processes, technology, and metrics to make marketing effective and efficient
• Prove to the CEO and CFO marketing’s impact on the bottom line

Get a realistic take on solving today’s B2B marketing dilemmas.  Listen
to the leaders. And apply practical lessons that can profoundly impact
your sales growth.  Bring the whole team to this important event to maximize all your organization can learn.

This is a direct link to the event:

Use promo code ESPK07 to save $200 on
the $1,295 registration fee.


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