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Bob Pearson from Dell is the new head of the Blog Council

Exciting news from all of us at GasPedal and the Blog Council:

Bob Pearson, Dell's former VP of Communities and Conversations, will become the President of the Blog Council and Senior Vice President of Communities at GasPedal.

I've always admired Bob for his work as one of the pioneers in corporate social media, so it's especially exciting to have him bring his knowledge and experience to help make the Blog Council and our communities more resourceful and a better experience for all of our current and future members.

Bob joins us just as we're beginning to see a few trends take shape:

Social media is taking a transformative role in the enterprise. It's not just about blogging anymore — it's about the holistic approach of social media in the business. It not only changes marketing, but also productivity, innovation, openness, communications, employee relations — and just about everything else.

Corporate social media is mainstream. A few years ago, a few companies were just testing a bunch of this stuff to see how it would work. Now, we're moving into a new phase where companies are developing true relationships with their customers through social media — and research shows that they expect us to be there.

Blog Council members are the thought leaders. Our members are the social media executives and visionaries from the world's largest corporations who are collaborating and leading the movement. They are the people driving social media in the enterprise, including addressing key issues such as disclosure, ethics, and ROI.

To learn more, check out our interview with Bob over on our GasPedal blog, as well as this article in Ad Age.

If you're a company who is ready to join Dell, The Home Depot, Procter & Gable, Cisco, and other leading companies on the path to social media excellence, check out the Blog Council.

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