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More about the Heinz commercial contest

Last week I wrote about the Heinz create-a-commercial contest.

I talked about how a good, fun contest is a great way to get people to watch your commercials for free.  It doesn’t matter if the consumer-created commercials are good or bad.  It’s about all those people who sit there watching them for fun. (Yes, people will watch your commercials for fun.)

I had no idea how big it was.

The videos created for the contest had 5.2 million views.  That’s amazing.

In traditional advertising terms, let’s say that the project cost $50,000 (which I doubt). That means they got TV advertising for less than a $10 CPM.

But these aren’t regular TV spots that we ignore. These are YouTube videos that we choose to watch.  It’s intentional, we’re engaged, and we watch a bunch of them.  Seriously high-quality marketing.

If you can do it for ketchup, you can do it for anything.

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YouTube videos

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