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More word of mouth at retail

Following up on my post from a few days ago about word of mouth at retail …

Here’s one of my favorite case studies, compliments of ComBlu, a fine word of mouth marketing agency. 

It’s about how one eager shopper can generate a ton of sales in a single store.

Behavioral Study: Evangelist/Customer Impact in the Liquor & Wine Industry

SETTING: A wine merchant’s shop in the upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. The merchant offers a full line with most products having mid- to upper-end price points. The stock of primary categories and brands are interspersed with special, hard-to-find brands.

Store has approximately 1,200-1,400 square feet of floor space with product displayed in shelf bins and counter bins. With the counter bins aligned horizontally, navigation is somewhat difficult for those unfamiliar with store layout and category/brand locations. Checkout counter is by front door, in front of wine bins, specialty products rack and window display.

It is 6pm on a Friday evening, early summer. Five people are in the store, including the clerk.

Download the paper here.


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