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Mustard Museum

imageLet’s say you have a small retail store in a small town. You sell mustard. You don’t have an advertising budget.

How do you get people talking about you?

Turn your store into a museum.  Promote it as a tourist destination. Get it in all the guidebooks and must-see lists. Give people a reason to talk about you.

imageThat’s exactly what the Mustard Museum in Mt. Horeb, WI did.  They added a room with a mustard collection, a tasting center, and lecture room.  (Not many people were really looking at any of that stuff … but the store was doing amazingly good business for a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of nowhere in the middle of August.)


Of course, it matters that it was really well done, with tons of personality and fun. The tasting center staff are called "Confidential Condiment Counselors."

Lesson: Word of mouth step #1 is always Give People a Reason to Talk About You.

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