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My company’s moving to a 44-acre ranch next year

Last year, we bought 44 acres of land in northeast Austin to build a brand new campus for my company, GasPedal.

Ranch opening

It’s been our dream to have a place to make our own that’s both communal and private, where we can collaborate in shared spaces, but also retreat to somewhere quiet when we need to. We’re also excited about opening up our office space to the community, much like our friends at GSD&M did for us when we were new to town. The 44 acres also comes with plenty of outdoor space to stretch our legs and a ranch house to host events or put up our families when they’re in town.

Ranch plan

If you’re curious, you can read more about the space here:

The plans are drawn up and approved, and we’re starting construction early next year. But to do it, we’re working with Texas Certified Development Company to get an SBA 504 loan. It’s helping change the economics of our business since the money we used to pay for rent will now be invested in equity. TxCDC wrote up a nice article about us and the deal here.

TXCDC article

We’re excited to move into this new chapter of our growing business. And I’ll keep you updated as we take our next steps in building a better place to work.

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