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NetPromoter is a good thing

If you haven’t read "The Ultimate Question" by Fred Reichheld … you need to. It’s an important book for any size company. 

It suggests a simple idea:  Take the percentage of happy customers that would recommend you. Subtract the unhappy customers that wouldn’t.  That gives you your "Net Promoter" score.  Higher score = more successful company.

The market research community HATES it.  They work hard to disprove it.  Partly because the conclusions and methodology can be disproved.  But mainly because they are annoyed that a simple measure that anyone can do may be more useful than a $100,000, 200-page, six-month analysis.  (There is merit to the discussion.)

Here’s what the research community misses:

It’s not about research, or whose research is better. It’s not about
a methodology debate. Frankly, it doesn’t even matter if the number
tracks anything at all.

This is all that matters: Net Promoter is simple and gets companies to focus on customers. It says:

You should fight to earn more customer recommendation. You should
fight to reduce unhappy customers. It’s the official measure of are you earning word of mouth — which is the secret to a great

Net Promoter does something that the research community never could.
It gives companies something to rally around. It gives companies a
vision and an action plan that works all the way from the executive
suite to the loading dock.

That is priceless.

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