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Never let a suite go empty

My friend Nina was planning a conference at a major hotel. There were the usual problems with the hotel’s service. Nina complained. They upgraded her to a gigantic suite.

Why was there an empty suite available?

Nina was spending thousands of dollars. They should have given it to her up front.  Event planners tend to return to hotels that wow them.

Or they should have given a surprise upgrade it to a frequent visitor. Or a as a gift to a young couple on their honeymoon.

An empty suite is a marketing asset. Let it go empty an you’ve missed a perfect chance to make someone’s day.  Use it and someone will be telling their friends how amazing your business is forever.

Airlines figured this out: No first-class seat goes unused.   Restaurants figured this out when they send out the chef to say hello.

Lesson:  What is your amazing asset that would thrill people if you just put it to use?

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