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New Zealand Marketing Association launches a WOM experiment

As part of the New Zealand Marketing Association’s Word of Mouth Marketing Experiment, Joseph Jaffe and I participated in a live teleconference with 70 of New Zealand’s business leaders.

This press release offers some more details about the event and about The Experiment:

The Experiment has been launched in New Zealand and will be replicated by Marketing Associations globally. The Experiment involves reading Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz, sharing opinions online and passing the book on to someone else. Participants will be able to track the location of their book online and will see how fellow business leaders around the world respond to the book and best practice principles of word of mouth marketing.

New Zealand Marketing Association Chief Executive, Sue McCarty, believes the New Zealand business community has been presented with a unique opportunity:

“Through this experiment we can build a practical and very public case study of word of mouth marketing. It will be fascinating to learn how new concepts in the business community spread, how fast and by whom.”

This is a great idea. Contact me if you want my help for any sort of WOM project, especially if my book is involved. I’ll help out.

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