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Newsletter #1016: The “4 Fun Lessons from Photojojo” Issue

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Photojojo, an online photography store, radiates fun. Everything they do, sell, and promote has some element of excitement, quirkiness, and happiness. It’s earned them a lot of attention — and helped them compete against enormous online competitors like Amazon.

Here are four lessons from Photojojo’s fun personality:

1> Automate quirky
2> Offer something different
3> Sprinkle in joy
4> Make returns super simple
5> Check it out: If I Had Known My Mother Back Then

1. Automate quirky

Even when Photojojo’s communications aren’t from humans, they have a sense of humor. For example, their confirmation emails come from the product’s point of view: “Dear Josh, Jelly Cell Lense Kit here. I just found out I’m headed to you, and I couldn’t be happier.” Another example: When you fill out a contact form, their spambot filters aren’t made of frustrating captchas, but cartoons of a dinosaur, a sandwich, and a camera. It says, “Click the one that takes photos (to thwart evil spambots).”

The lesson: Automation doesn’t have to sound robotic. These personalized touches make the entire experience with Photojojo surprising and delightful — even the mundane stuff.

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2. Offer something different

For a little under $12,000 you can order one of everything from Photojojo. Their site says, “To save you days of clicking ‘add to cart’ buttons, we’ve put all of our gear in one spot.” They also rent rare or expensive photography tools like drones, Polaroids, and a 3D camera.

The lesson: Who knows how many people actually order “One of Everything” or rent the “Robotic Party Cam,” but that’s not the point — it’s more about using what you’ve got to trigger word of mouth .

Learn more: Photojojo Store

3. Sprinkle in joy

Easter eggs are hidden all over Photojojo’s site. We won’t spoil them all, but check out the bottom of their rentals page or the lever to the right of their product photos. These small touches of personality are what separate them from their biggest competitors.

The lesson: You don’t have to have a physical store to make a shopping experience fun and memorable.

4. Make returns super simple

According to their site, Photojojo’s return policy is summed up in one sentence: “We want you happy!” They do reasonable refunds, exchanges, and whatever it takes to make it right. It’s refreshing in a time when so many stores make returns a big hassle.

The lesson: Think about it: When someone has to return something to your store, there’s already something wrong. This is your opportunity to do something to turn that around (not upsell them, stick them with technicalities, or make them more upset).

Learn more: Photojojo Return Policy

5. Check it out: If I Had Known My Mother Back Then

Photographer Danielle Delph photoshopped pictures of herself into old photos of her mother at the same age, exploring the idea of the two being friends as kids and young adults.

Check it out:Check it out: If I Had Known My Mother Back Then

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