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Newsletter #741: The “Involve the Community” Issue

When people can share experiences around your products and services in a social way, you'll significantly increase your word of mouth. Here's a few ideas on how to do that:

   1> For the meal
   2> For the sale
   3> For the community
   4> Check it out: Eternal Moonwalk

1> For the meal 

Make your restaurant or store more of a social experience by having a few communal tables. In an interview with the Seattle Times, Carrie Van Dyck of The Herbfarm explained that their communal tables are the first to fill up and the last to leave, and that singles are excited at the option and business travelers appreciate it because so often they have to eat alone. You could apply this concept to your consulting sessions or special events you're hosting by helping everyone collaborate and network with one another.

The Lesson: Strangers aren't likely to get together on their own, but with a little nudge from you, you can help them meet new people and share a new experience.

Learn More: Seattle Times

2> For the sale 

If you're having a sale, a discount, or a special promotion, making it a social event can significantly increase the participation and word of mouth around it. Boston's Eurostoves — a company that offers cooking classes — recently partnered with to offer a 50 percent coupon that only worked if 100 people signed up for it. This led to a bunch of people emailing their friends to activate the deal — resulting in more than 500 people ultimately signing up for a course. You could try a simpler version of this concept by creating a promotion or sales event that required customers to bring in a couple friends in order to get a discount.

The Lesson: A group discount or setting a minimum participation level for a coupon is a great way to get folks encouraging their friends to join in on the deal.

Learn More: Groupon

3> For the community

If you're trying to get more social with your customer experience, a quick way to do it is to help your customers help the community. Kaya Mawa Lodge on remote Likoma Island is a high-end hotel dedicated to what founders Andrew Came and Will Sutton call responsible tourism. The resort features plenty of luxury options and activities, but also encourages visitors to check out the nearby Nkhwazi Village, attend cultural gatherings, and get involved in community projects such as "Island Child" — a program where guests and other individuals can sponsor area kids through one year or more of school. You can tie your business closer to the community by promising a percentage of profits to a worthy cause, by organizing volunteers for neighborhood projects, or by donating your expertise or resources to folks who need the help.

The Lesson: When helping the community is involved, it's more than a sale — it's an opportunity to do some social good.

Learn More: Cool Hunting

4> Check it out: Eternal Moonwalk 

With all the Michael Jackson tributes lately, this is one of the best ones we've seen — a seemingly infinite string of folks honoring the famous moonwalk with their rendition of dance.

Check it out:

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