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Newsletter #759: The “Show Them How” Issue

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One of the biggest rules in storytelling is “show, don’t tell,” — and it’s also true for marketing. A few ideas on how to do it:

1> How it will fit
2> How it will work
3> How to bring it up
4> Check it out: My Team Is Better Than Your Team

1> How it will fit

Sometimes it’s hard to envision how something will really fit us, or how we’ll be able to use it — especially online. That’s why Keen’s simple “See With Jeans” feature of their website is so brilliant. With one click, you can get a close-up of how a pair of jeans will fit over the shoe, helping you really see how they’ll look and fit. If adding some visuals isn’t applicable to your business, extend the theory with some hands-on trials, free samples, or live demonstrations.

The Lesson: The harder it is for a customer to see themselves with your product, the harder it is to make the sale.

2> How it will work

Do you find lots of your customers being weary of making the switch from a competitor or taking the plunge on your new technology? Try helping them overcome their initial hesitation with some plain-English explanations of what they can expect. Realizing PC users had a lot of the same hesitations when it came to switching to Macs, Apple created a simple list of answers to frequently asked questions. With a brief FAQ page, they field queries like, “Will my PC devices work on a Mac?” and “What about Wi-Fi?”. It’s not incredibly detailed, and it’s not supposed to be — the point is to warm the customer up to the idea of speaking with an Apple rep (or a Mac-loving friend) to learn more.

The Lesson: While you probably don’t need to share a detailed instruction manual to make most sales, some simple answers to common questions can help a concerned customer feel confident about the purchase.

Learn More: Apple’s FAQ

3> How to bring it up

Some topics are hard for potential customers to even bring up, but a great marketer helps show folks how. Engagement isn’t a topic most guys easily throw around with friends, much less girlfriends. But Colonial Jewelers — a family-owned store in Frederick, Maryland — helps guys talk about it by supplying local bars with coasters that have a bunch of different ring size measurements cut into them. While bars may not be where your prospects congregate, you can still show them how to bring up your stuff with guides like, “How to sell your boss on our great product,” or by using surveys, case studies, and whitepapers — anything that helps people start asking questions.

The Lesson: Conversations help make the sale, and smart marketers are always looking for ways to help start them.

Learn More: Pic

4> Check it out: My Team Is Better Than Your Team

Trying to prove your favorite college football team really is better than your co-workers’ alma mater? With a little help from the transitive property, now you can.

Check it out:

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