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Newsletter #842: The "Ideas from Smart Sponsorships" Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.]

With a clever sponsorship, you can support existing fans and meet a whole bunch of new ones. Some ideas to get you started:

1. Runners need water
2. Guys need help with dates
3. Backyard games need a spokesperson
4. Check it out: Eyes for Christmas

1. Runners need water

Anyone who’s tried to run any distance in 100-degree weather knows hydration is important. Here in Austin, that’s an everyday challenge. Realizing this, the folks at local sports retailer RunTex do something clever: They put jugs of water along the popular Lake Austin Trail. At any time you’ll find dozens of joggers huddled around these water stations, thankful for the relief. And the locals are taking notice — they’re telling others about the stations and even referencing them in glowing Yelp reviews.

The lesson: What simple, inexpensive way could you support your customers and talkers?

Learn more: Yelp

2. Guys need help with dates

Few guys will turn down a little extra help in the dating scene — just like few car makers will turn down the chance to add some sex appeal to their brand. With their “Date Drive” project, Volkswagen is taking advantage of this natural partnership opportunity. They’re helping guys out by loaning them a new car for first dates and then making it easy for others to follow the feedback of these test drivers. Everyone’s a winner. The guys get a nice car for an evening and VW gets a lot of publicity around an otherwise unremarkable activity — a simple test drive.

The lesson: You know you’re on to a great sponsorship when it makes both you and the group you’re supporting look good.

Learn more: Adverblog

3. Backyard games need a spokesperson

What if you don’t have the budget it takes to sponsor a big-name athlete? Try doing the opposite, like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Instead of buying a commercial with Tiger Woods or cramming their logo on a race car, they’re looking to sponsor a spokesperson for backyard games like kickball, bags, and dodgeball. They’re calling for fan-submitted videos featuring stories of backyard heroics and are picking someone to be their official sponsored athlete. This simple concept is generating a ton of great content and offers a nice shout-out to all the backyard competitors out there.

The lesson: When everyone is chasing the big names and sponsorships, aim the other way by looking for all the talkers who rarely get attention.

Learn more: AdAge

4. Eyes for Christmas

With a pair of sticker eyes, everyday objects start looking like faces. Check out this blog for photos of some of the very best.

Learn more: Eyes for Christmas


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