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Newsletter #877: The “Great Pictures Make for Great Business” Issue

Hi there! I need your help.

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Great copy can do incredible things, but it’s hard to beat the perfect visual when it comes to telling a story. Here’s how a smart use of photos can improve your marketing:

1. To make it more professional
2. To let your fans do it
3. To tell a better story
4. Check it out: The manly Pinterest

1. To make it more professional

Airbnb is great for finding a place to rent in almost any city in the world. But there’s some natural uncertainty involved because you’re renting a stranger’s home. You end up relying a lot on photos. So if they’re crappy, you’re much less likely to rent the property. But professional, polished photos add a sense of legitimacy to the experience. To help with this, Airbnb started something cool: They sponsor professional photographers to come in and shoot properties. Because these photos are so much better, renters have more confidence in the property, property owners get more renters, and Airbnb gets more revenue.

The lesson: What professional services could you offer your clients to make both of you more successful?

Learn more: PSFK

2. To let your fans do it

You don’t have to be a professional photographer (or hire one) to get great photos. Check out White Castle’s website for an example. It’s filled almost entirely with fan-submitted photos, and it’s constantly updated. It’s basically a stream of pictures White Castle fans have lovingly uploaded that feature their signature mini burgers. None of the photos will win any photography awards, but it definitely makes for a fun website.

The lesson: Your fans make better content than you. Instead of doing all the work yourself, just ask them — they’d love to contribute.

Learn more: White Castle

3. To tell a better story

On eBay, you can buy just about anything. But have you ever noticed that for most items, there’s only one photo? That’s because until recently, sellers had to pay extra to post more than one. But eBay just changed their policy, allowing sellers to post up to 12. This means buyers get to see a whole lot more angles of all the random, one-of-a-kind items that make eBay so special. And since a picture is worth 1,000 words, more images will answer more questions — and probably generate more sales.

The lesson: More photos with more angles make it easier for online buyers to really see what they’re getting.

Learn more: Marketing Pilgrim

4. Check it out: The manly Pinterest

Pinterest is pretty cool, no doubt. But for guys, it can feel a bit like a ladies’ party. So, if you’re looking for more pins featuring motorcycles, sports, and gadgets, check this out.

Check it out: Gentlemint

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