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Newsletter #881: The “Have Some Fun With It” Issue

Hi there! I need your help.

My book is coming out in paperback and we’re hoping to get it stocked everywhere. You can help make it happen by pre-ordering a copy today. There are some great bonuses for pre-ordering — and if you like this newsletter, you’ll love the book.

We love brands that have fun. They’re just much more interesting to talk about and more pleasant to buy from. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what you sell — you can do it too.

1. With your reputation
2. With the end of the world
3. With stolen artwork
4. Check it out: Trail View

1. With your reputation

Oscar Wilde said it best: There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. If people are poking fun of your brand or your products — that’s OK, go with it. That’s what Hillary Clinton did when she found out about TextsFromHillary — a blog dedicated to fake text messages from the Secretary of State. The site quickly became an internet sensation, so Hillary had some fun with it. She actually met with the site owners, posed for a picture while texting, and followed it all with a handwritten note thanking them for the many “LOLZ.”

The lesson: When people are mocking or having fun, that’s a good thing. It means they’re interested enough to actually talk about you. Join in, have some laughs, and show them your personality.

Learn more: The Atlantic

2. With the end of the world

Remember all that hype about the Rapture last fall? It made for some fun jokes and, as it turns out, some great marketing. Minor league hockey’s Las Vegas Wranglers had the unfortunate luck of having their home opener on October 21 (the day of the predicted Rapture). So how did they handle this catastrophe? They did what so many minor league sports teams do and had a ton of fun by promoting the game as “The Final Hockey Game on Earth.” They gave away T-shirts, brought in a Harold Camping impersonator (the guy behind all the Rapture hoopla), and even set up a confession booth and tweeted the best ones.

The lesson: Opportunities to have fun with cultural events happen every day. How are you keeping an eye out for them?

Learn more: Las Vegas Wranglers

3. With stolen artwork

In 2007, a famous sculpture by British artist Banksy was stolen from a central London street. Most locals didn’t take it as good news — Banksy and his work are treasured by the communities where he installs his art. But the artist didn’t seem to care that much (Banksy offered the thieves $2 toward a can of petrol to blow it up and put the video on the internet). Fast forward to this year when Australia’s Art Series Hotels played off of Banksy’s humor by hiding an original, signed Banksy painting (worth $15,000) in one of their hotels and inviting the world to try to steal it. If anyone could — without getting caught — they could keep it. The month-long challenge resulted in a bunch of publicity, excitement, and fun for everyone.

The lesson: A good marketer finds ways to have fun with lighthearted stories, but a great one will find ways to get people smiling about the tough topics.

Learn more: Art Series Hotels

4. Check it out: Trail View

If you think Google Street View is amazing and you like the outdoors, you’ll love Nature Valley’s new Trail View. Through it, you can take a virtual walking tour of the Grand Canyon, the Smoky Mountains, and Yellowstone.

Check it out: Nature Valley Trail View

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