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Newsletter: #966: The “Simmer Sale” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.]

Meaningful customer relationships (the ones that earn you loyal customers and raving fans) take time to develop. They’re about more than a quick sale — they’re about being there for the long haul.

Here are some ways you can do it:

1. Create advocates
2. Stay on their minds
3. Get them in the door
4. Check it out: Logo Mashups

1. Create advocates

Brian Linder's real estate newsletter

Photo thanks to The Value of Architecture.

Once a week, lots of people in our office get an email from Brian Linder, a real estate broker whose newsletters feature drool-worthy houses in Austin and LA. They’re fun to look at and dream about, but none of us are actively looking to buy a house. For Brian, it’s not about selling you that drool-worthy house in the newsletter — it’s being the first broker that comes to mind when someone asks.

The lesson: Brian gets his recommendations from people who aren’t even in the market. It’s not just your customers who benefit from these strategies, sometimes talkers need the simmer sale too.

2. Stay on their minds

Bonsai tree gift

Photo thanks to Eastern Leaf.

Lots of businesses give their customers gifts — and lots of gifts end up in the trash. Something that’s harder to throw away: A living plant. When Bazaarvoice (disclosure: I’m a Bazaarvoice advisor) sent their customers a bonsai tree, they planned on it living on their customers’ desks for years. That’s a gift that reminds them of Bazaarvoice for a long time.

The lesson: How can you give your customers a consistent, meaningful reminder of your business?

3. Get them in the door

Colonial Jewelers giveaways

Photo thanks to Colonial Jewelers.

When was the last time you went into a jewelry store just to hang out? Probably never. But if you live near Colonial Jewelers in Frederick, Maryland, you probably have. They hold scavenger hunts, contests, and charity events to build excitement for their store and to encourage people to visit. They’re finding excuses for their community to get to know them, so when it comes time to make a purchase, Colonial Jewelers is the first place they think of.

The lesson: What fun stuff can you do to get your customers in your store even when they’re not buying anything?

Learn more: Colonial Jewelers

4. Check it out: Logo Mashups

Logo Mashup

Photo thanks to Logo Mashups.

Who knew that an insurance provider and a beauty brand would look so good together? Check out these odd couples with logos that make a lot of sense together.

Check it out: Logo Mashups

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