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Newsletter: #970: The “Anniversaries” Issue

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Your anniversary is a big deal and you should be proud. But there are better ways to celebrate it than having a sales promotion or creating a logo addition.

Here are some anniversary celebrations that make the most of their years in business:

1. Share cool data
2. Celebrate long-time customers
3. Show some endearment
4. Check it out: 16 Amazing Places to Visit via Google Street View

1. Share cool data

Photo thanks to Spotify.

Photo thanks to Spotify.

Been in business for a while? You probably have some interesting stories to tell or fun facts about the industry. Your anniversary is a great opportunity to share it! For example, did you know that four million songs on Spotify haven’t been played yet? (That’s only 20 percent of their catalog, but it’s still a big deal.) This is the kind of stuff Spotify included in an infographic they shared with all of their fans on their 5th anniversary.

The lesson: Your anniversary of business is a chance to show everyone something cool you’ve learned from your years of experience and expertise. It’s a chance to share something they’ll talk about.

Learn more: Spotify

2. Celebrate long-time customers

Ford Mustang customer

Photo thanks to The Wall Street Journal.

The Ford Mustang has a long history of big fans, and for the Mustang’s 50th anniversary, they tracked down one of their original customers. What they found was pretty remarkable: The first person to buy a Mustang in 1964 still owns it (and drives it) today. That’s an amazing endorsement for their 50th year on the market.

The lesson: Your anniversary is a great time to thank the customers who have been there all along.

Learn more: AOL Autos

3. Show some endearment

McDonald's sign in Australia

Photo thanks to NY Daily News.

Did you know that over half of Australians refer to McDonald’s only as Macca’s? McDonald’s took it as a sign of acceptance in the country that has nicknames for lots of stuff (for example, a servo is a gas station). So on McDonald’s 40th anniversary in the country, which also fell on Australia Day, they changed the name of 13 Australian stores to Macca’s. It was a big decision for a brand as globally consistent as McDonald’s — but one that showed how proud they were of the endearment.

The lesson: How can you reciprocate the subtle signs of love your customers have shown you over the years?

Learn more: Ad Age

4. Check it out: 16 Amazing Places to Visit via Google Street View

Google Maps Street View

Photo thanks to Mental Floss.

It’s like tourism without all of the traveling.

Check it out: Mental Floss

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