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Newsletter: #974: The “Making the Decision” Issue

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Having too many options can be a problem. With a world of reviews, choices, and customization at your customers’ fingertips — plus the lingering fear of missing out on something better — it’s getting harder to make even everyday decisions.

Here are a few businesses getting rid of that problem by offering something simple:

1. Give them fewer options
2. Get back to the basics
3. Be the expert
4. Check it out: What would I say?

1. Give them fewer options

Mosaic app

Photo thanks to Mosaic.

It’s cool to buy something you’ve personalized yourself. But when there are too many decisions to make, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. Mosaic is an app that takes something fun like a personalized photo album and removes all of the stress of deciding on the details. You just pick the photos, Mosaic arranges them, and you pay $20 to have it mailed to you. No rearranging the photos, no picking a cover finish or paper texture, and no pricing changes.

The lesson: There are other services out there for customers to decide on every detail of a personalized photo album. Instead of trying to compete with them, Mosaic makes it simple by making the detailed decisions for their customers.

Learn more: Mosaic

2. Get back to the basics

Dinner Lab

Photo thanks to Dinner Lab.

Deciding on a place to eat dinner can be a battle — so much so that the folks at Dinner Lab think it ruins the experience. That’s why they make the decision for their members. By signing up, you’ll get an exclusive invitation about once a month to a secret location where they’ve already decided on all of the details. The chef picks the menu, there’s no fancy table settings, and no tipping allowed. According to Dinner Lab, that way, you focus on what dinner should be about.

The lesson: It’s remarkable because it’s exclusive, it’s unique, and it’s simple. In fact, Dinner Lab’s memberships have sold out in almost all of the cities they serve strictly through word of mouth.

Learn more: Forbes

3. Be the expert

NoMad Hotel's drink card game

Photo thanks to Cool Hunter.

At NoMad Hotel’s bar, you can order a cocktail using illustrated Drinking Cards. You just choose a few cards from these categories: types of alcohol, mood, and taste. The cards might have anything from a whiskey glass to Oscar the Grouch drawn on them, but ultimately it’s up to the bartender to interpret them into a cocktail. At a bar, there can be a lot of pressure on customers to order the right drink quickly. But this card game takes that pressure off while letting NoMad’s bartenders do what they do best: choose the right cocktail for their customers.

The lesson: While giving your customers choices is great, sometimes they just need an expert to help them make a decision.

Learn more: Cool Hunting

4. Check it out: What would I say?

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