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No means no

So I brought my family to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World — which is one of the most impressive retail stores ever built. An amazing shopping experience.

We may have been there to buy a $30,000 party boat.

But they’ll never know. Because we left annoyed.

At the front door were six people trying to sell timeshares. Aggressively. Rudely. I said I wasn’t interested three times, and they followed me and made a snide comment. Same thing on the way out.

image This is a prime example of bad profits. (Click on the slide from John Moore to learn more.)

I’m sure they’ll sell some timeshares. I’m sure the spreadsheet will say they made money on the promotion.

But there’s no spreadsheet that tells you how many potential shoppers left annoyed. Or how many won’t be back. Or how many were in a grouchy mood after being accosted and decided not to buy what they came there for.

Because no spreadsheet tells you when you’re being an ass.

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