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No reviews is not good news

An interesting question sent in by a reader:

Hi Andy:


I have a medical clinic business and would love your comment about an issue.


We have about 15 doctors working in our clinics. At the end of every day we send an automated email to all patients seen that day asking for feedback, which is overwhelmingly positive.


However, some doctors never get any feedback, positive or negative. I have always wondered why that is. Should we take no feedback as negative feedback?


Answer: No feedback is not good feedback.

Best case, there are unhappy customers who don’t feel comfortable saying something. No doctor has a perfect record.

Worst case, the doctors are so bland and ineffective that no one cares either way. Not caring = no customer loyalty = dissatisfaction over time. Silence means your customer service is not good enough to make a difference. There is a clinic down the street somewhere that is thrilling people, and will steal your customers over time.

Raise the bar on service and earn that good recommendation.

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