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One of the most important productivity tips you’ll ever get

“If you’re working from your inbox, you’re working on other people’s priorities.”

(From Donald Rumsfeld’s new book. Not a source I usually turn to, but important advice.)

Whatever you decided to prioritize today — you should do that. If you stop doing what you chose to do because somebody just decided to email you, you’re screwing up. Would you move your desk to the lobby of the office and offer yourself up to everyone who walks in the door?

Turn off those email pop-ups, too. It’s the electronic equivalent of having a 6-year-old shouting “me me me” while you work. Or one of those goats yelling like humans. If you leave that on, you are screwing up.

I’m seen a long line of people fail at their jobs because they couldn’t turn off their inbox and get work done.

If you re working from your inbox

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