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People LOVE the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course

Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course - Chicago, July 30th - Learn Word of Mouth Marketing Sign up today for the Word of Mouth Crash Course.  You’ll get more leads, more sales, and more publicity within days:

I got more fresh WOM ideas in one day than I have the entire year.” — Brent Shelton,

Easy to digest, comprehend, and translate to any service or product or any size organization. I honestly think this seminar is a must for any company.” — Jami Heldt, Yahoo!

“The course was amazing, interactive and mind-bending. Would I recommend this course? Yes, yes and yes.” — Subbu Arumugam,

“My eyes were opened. My brain was in high power mode. Ideas were flowing.” — Mike Trenshaw,

Worth every penny.” — Deb Franke, Emerson Process Management

“This was fun. This course is a must-take for people looking to grow their business. It’s down to earth real world marketing ideas. You will have a lot of aha! moments.” — Eric Rochow, Gardenfork

“I believe that the lessons that I learned will pay for the seminar 100 times over.” – Jamie Goren, Plastideco/Flexstyle

Start to finish, it was excellent: great practical material, superb presentation style, creative environment, beautifully organized.” — Joanne Simons, Dance Shoe Deals

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