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Peter Kim on happiness, respect, and word of mouth

I asked a few simple questions to a bunch of smart marketers.

Enjoy this great answer from Peter Kim, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research.

Great marketing comes down to one simple idea: Earn the respect and recommendation of your customers, and they will do the rest. What is your advice for any company that wants to …

1 … make people happy?

Seek to understand needs and how you’re a solution. Realize that you can’t meet everyone’s needs, so focus on the ones you’re in business to serve.

2 … earn respect?

Be a customer advocate. Do what’s in their best interest, regardless of policy or standards and they will reward you for it.

3 … get a word of mouth recommendation?

Ask for it – humbly. Have you ever heard a company request this? If you deserve it, customers will recommend you. If not, you can ask them why and fix the issue.

Thanks, Peter!

Read all the answers.

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