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Poop jokes

As a father, I am an expert at poop jokes.

Kmart is getting lots of attention for one — a viral video and TV ad called “Ship My Pants”:

I’m have mixed thoughts on this sort of strategy.

Dirty humor is always risky for a mainstream brand. Is it worth offending some customers to get an ad noticed? Might be right for Axe or Diesel. Seems very wrong for Kmart.

It’s hard to argue with the success of 11 million views on YouTube. But those 11 million viewers may have very little overlap with actual Kmart shoppers — and actual customers may be fleeing the brand. There’s no way to measure how many people you’ve offended.

The real question — is the brand taking a smart risk based on a refined strategy (and research)?

Or is it a bunch of hipster ad agency folks pitching a wacky idea to a bored client? This sort of ad is fun to make and fun for the creative folks to show their friends.

But if the creative team is this funny, they should rise to the challenge of creating funny ads that don’t have poop jokes.

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