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Popular Media Webinar July 19, 12 PM ET

Capitalizing on the Word of Mouth Channel

Hear me live with on this webinar with Popular Media’s Chris Boni

Popular Media Webinar
July 19, 9 – 10am PT

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Word of mouth
consistently ranks as the single most influential marketing channel,
yet to-date it remains an untapped opportunity for smart marketers that
learn how to harness and measure the power of the channel
effectively.  You can implement high-quality, relationship-based word
of mouth campaigns in a matter of weeks.  This webinar will teach you

Attend this webinar to learn:

– The new science of word of mouth marketing

– Key insights and techniques for establishing effective word of mouth campaigns

– How to capture results from word of mouth via a modern technology approach

– How easy it is to get started

– Why starting now is critical for remaining competitive in the future

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