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Potbelly’s Tell-a-Friend (and some free prizes for readers)

I love this well-executed, simple tell-a-friend program from Potbelly.  When the Chicago-based chain was opening up in Philly, the sent out an email to existing customers, saying “Got a friend in Philly? Forward this email to send them a free sandwich.

It works because it’s simple:

  1. Email is easy to forward.  No forms, no complexity. Just pass it on.
  2. The offer is simple.  Forward the email, your friend gets a sandwich.
  3. The sender looks good. You’re a hero when you’re giving out free food. Who wouldn’t want to do it?
  4. It’s re-forwardable.  Like any truly-viral email, it can be passed on again and again.
  5. It’s generous.  A free sandwich is a good deal.  Real value always works better than silly content.

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Cimg3439Extra bonus:  Potbelly sent me some cool hats and shirts (and a visor!?).  Post a great comment and I’ll send one to you.

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