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Printable = shareable

Is your web site printable?

How does it look when someone prints out a page a hands it to a friend?  What impression do you create?

It’s a powerful moment when someone physically hands your web pages to a friend. Make sure the friend is seeing you at your best.

Insist that your web team create high-quality, simple layouts that look great when printed.  Some resources:

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  1. Jon Burg August 14, 2007 at 10:43 am #

    I totally agree. If blogs are meant to be personal publishing forums (that utlimatley create conversations), why is it so damn hard to print everything a person has ever written on a given subject?
    When I interviewed for my current job with then Director, Greg Verdino, I had to manually select the text from all posts with given tags and print just those for reading before the interview. It took forever to print, let alone read.

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