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Privacy: How it should be done

image Cardscan sent out a wonderful email to customers, with a no-BS, elegant statement on privacy:

Dear Andy,

You may have read recently about some privacy issues concerning popular social networking services and web sites.  We want to take a moment to reassure you — as a valued CardScan user — that we take privacy issues very seriously.

We don’t have a complex, full-of-fine-print policy.  Instead, we have clear and simple statements of our commitment to you, and we have an unwavering commitment to abide by these statements:

  • We will NOT rent or sell your information.
  • We will NOT rent or sell the information of your contacts.

Read our full privacy policy online. It describes how all our services and web sites treat personal information and protect your privacy. (We promise it’s not a bunch of legal jargon.)


The CardScan At Your Service Team

P.S. Cardscan … let’s talk about how your nonsense pricing policies are killing 90% of your sales to the user market.

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