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400,000 reviews were posted on in the last 8 months. Amazing.

Bob Myers, CEO of, talks with me about their amazing level customer participation.  He shares a great story about how even their celebrity hosts, like Carson Kressley get into the conversation.   

There’s a signal in this for all etailers: Consumers want to be heard. They want to be part of the process. They want to share what they think with you … but more important they want to talk to your other shoppers.

400,000 reviews represents more content volume than any marketing team could ever generate. That content fills the site with richness — richness that is a magnet for search engines.

More important: That review content has credibility that no marketer could ever have with corporate written copy. Each review sends key messages to shoppers:

  1. Real consumers just like you are shopping here. Every review is an implied endorsement of the entire site. 
  2. This company cares about what we think. 
  3. The products are good. If they weren’t, why would the company let us review them?

Watch the interview:

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