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Sign up for the Ragan Word of Mouth Mini Crash Course; May 6, Chicago

On May 6, I'm going to be giving a condensed version of the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course specifically for corporate communicators at the Ragan Corporate Communicators Conference here in Chicago.

If you've been interested in the Crash Course but haven't been able to afford or find the time for the full course, this is a great opportunity to learn some essential techniques to get you on your way to a simple, repeatable framework you can use to create revenue-generating word of mouth campaigns.

In this Pre-Conference Workshop, we'll cover how to:

  • Use specific, practical strategies and concepts you can put to work the next day
  • Find the right people to talk about you and your business
    (influencers and evangelists) and motivate them to sell your product
    for you
  • Participate in the conversation: Ethical ways to insert yourself in
    the dialogue while avoiding the common (but easy-to-make) mistakes
  • Guide your employees on how to play a role in these conversations — and what to do with the feedback they get
  • Track and measure results to increase your word of mouth

Key details:

  • Where: Ragan’s Corporate Communicators Conference 2009, Chicago
  • When: May 6, 1-4 PM
  • Cost: $345 (and, get a $200 credit for Ragan’s Corporate Communicators Conference!)
  • Register: Click here
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