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Referrals by the dozen

cardscan photoHow do you turn one referral into six? Give customers six things to pass along to friends.

The cards in the photo came with my CardScan. Exactly what I need to give to other people in the office who might be interested. If they only gave me 2 cards, I’d only have made 2 referrals.

The word of mouth term for this is a “multiplier” — anything that makes it easier to share with more people. An online version of a multiplier: Make sure your tell-a-friend form has the ability to email a message to more than one friend.

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  1. Al Pittampalli June 8, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    This is a good idea. I think you can chalk this up to what is called the anchoring effect in psychology. Some initial number subconsciously affects our basis for reasoning when making decisions. Cool.

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