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1,500 Calories of Pure Love

Word of mouth is spread by people who have something to share. Something special, something unknown, something outrageous.

(No one tells their friends about an obvious thing that everyone knows. No one ever called you up and said, “Have you heard about chocolate? It’s great!”)

Chipotle has given their fans a reason to talk with a secret menu item: The Quesarito — a burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla.

For years, it’s been the source of mystery, legend — and great word of mouth.

Mark Wilson tells the tale of the Quesarito in this fantastic Fast Company article.

It’s noon on a Tuesday. I walk into a crowded Chipotle, and I’m so anxious that my stomach is churning. Earlier that day, I’d come across something called a quesarito, which is a full-blown Chipotle burrito wrapped inside a quesadilla, a 1,540-calorie fallen angel that one Redditor had claimed was hiding deep within Chipotle’s secret menu. So I say the word–“quesarito”–half-expecting to be laughed out of the restaurant. Instead, the girl’s eyes open wide, like she’s seen a yeti. Then her face goes deadpan.

“We don’t have that.”

“You don’t? But it seems like … maybe you do?”

An urgent smile betrays her. “No, but if we did have it, it wouldn’t be between the hours of noon and one.”

It was only then that I realized my horrendous faux pas. Like Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, my first steps into a decadent clandestine society had been both naive and far too public. A moment later, it was as if the topic was never broached. I ordered a mere chicken burrito and quickly ate it in shame. Meanwhile, my hunger for the elusive quesarito only grew. Read the rest of Mark’s story here…


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