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She left me standing there, and I don’t know why

I was a customer of a very good web hosting service for many years — until I cancelled my account last month. Cancellation was easy — I did it online and it was hassle-free and efficient. I left with a positive feeling.

But they have no idea why I left.

Why didn’t they call? Why didn’t they ask?

Was it an unsolvable problem, or could they have won me back with a quick fix? Was I upset about something that they could apologize for? Or was there a mismatch between my needs and their product line — information that would help them in the future?

Don’t let a customer leave without finding out why. (But don’t be an ass about trying to prevent cancellation like some companies.) Take it as a learning moment that could change your business forever, or at least save some customers.

So few companies do this, which is surprising if you do the math. The cost of calling customers who are cancelling is a lot cheaper than sales calls. Plus, you’ll recover more revenue and priceless knowledge.

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