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Shooting yourself in the foot

Why isn’t there Microsoft Outlook for iPhone?

Obviously, because Apple and Microsoft would rather beat each other to death.

But Microsoft loses this one. I’ve been a loyal Outlook user forever. I dig deep into the tasks and notes. But I switched to an iPhone (from a Windows phone) — and Outlook tasks and notes aren’t synced.

So now I’m testing new task managers, and they work great. So I’ve completely stopped using Outlook for tasks. They are starting to lose me (and the $300/month we spend on Microsoft Exchange hosting).

Lesson: It’s not about your competitor. It’s about your customer.

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  1. Jonathan Merrill December 13, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    That’s pretty unfair, Andy. I am not defending MS in general, but as the leader of the system administration team for a major hopsital network, I can tell you that the iPhone has been a real pain to support. In our research, we have found that Apple’s has indeed purchased rights to Microsoft ActiveSync, but they have been selective on what they will sync. We’ve struggled with disappearing calendar entries, some inherent insecurities with their implementation of ActiveSync, and some end usability “quirks” between iphone OS versions.

    I don’t feel your fair in your analysis as most of the issues, we’ve seen, are laid at Apple’s feet. Not Microsoft.


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