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Show your customers that you really get them

doll holder The American Girl store is an astonishing place. Every detail is designed to make a little girl feel that it’s her store.

This one is my favorite: A doll holder in each bathroom stall.

Because my baby girl does not want to put her baby on the floor by the toilet, and she doesn’t want to let it out of her sight. Which causes a logistics problem for a parent carrying packages and trying to help at the potty.

This solution shows mind-blowing attention to detail. It shows an amazing thoughtfulness about the needs of a customer at every moment.

Spend 10 minutes today and think about simple things you can do to give your customers a better experience.

(P.S. No, I don’t usually take photos in the little girls’ bathroom.)

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  1. Josh Duncan September 3, 2010 at 9:08 am #

    Great example!

    We took our daughter to the store for the first time this year and needless to say, she was amazed. Her favorite parts were having tea with her doll and then getting the doll’s hair fixed at the beauty salon.

    Calling it an amazing experience would be an understatement. It has been four months and we are still hearing about how awesome it was. They definitely know their customers!

    Thanks for the post,


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