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Smash the system

Do you want to make meaningful change in society? Do you want to fix things? Do you want to make it better?

Flower chucker

It’s not going to happen through politicians — of either party. Some are better, some are worse. But changing politicians to improve the country is like changing your wiper blades and hoping your car goes faster.

Do this instead: Support the innovative entrepreneurial companies that are here to disrupt broken systems. Push your money into better ideas. Take your money from broken and corrupt ones.

  • Fix health care: Support your walk-in clinic, company wellness program, and anyone that provides fast, reasonable medical care.
  • Fix transportation: Use Uber instead of your corrupt local cab company.
  • Fix energy: Buy a Tesla and prove that new players can win.
  • Fix commerce: Use Square and PayPal instead of credit card monopolies.
  • Fix banking: Join a credit union that answers to you instead of investors.
  • Fix food: Order the healthy side dish on the fast-food menu (and more choices will start appearing).

Money makes the market, so put your money behind the future that you want to live in.

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