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Spam vs. Viral

Seth Godin is a man who defined honest and effective email for all of us. Permission Marketing and Unleashing the Ideavirus are required reading for our team.

Here’s a healthy reminder of the biggest ideas in email from two of Seth’s recent blog posts:

Is this spam?

If you have to ask, it probably is.

The essential truth is that spam is always in the eye of the recipient. If you think it’s spam, it’s spam (if you’re the recipient. If you’re the sender, your opinion is worthless.) I don’t care what the privacy policy fine print says, if someone thinks it’s spam, it is.

The best definition of permission marketing used to be messages that were anticipated, personal and relevant. If this is going to be an asset of your organization (and it should be), let’s take it to the next, easily measured level: would people miss it if it didn’t arrive?

Once you have people looking forward to what you have to say, no more worries about spam. You’ve built an asset worth owning.

(Read the full post here)

How to write copy that goes viral

The best approach is to not try to write things that will go viral.

No, the best approach is to write for just one person. Make an impact on just one person. Even better, make it so they can’t sleep that night unless they choose to make a difference for just one other person by sharing your message with them.

The rest will take care of itself.

(Read the full post here)

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