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Starting conversations by doing something different

One day JetBlue announced that they were auctioning off hundreds of seats on eBay, including some to mystery destinations. I found out when I got calls from reporters asking what the word of mouth angle was.

Here it is: Be Interesting or Be Invisible.

Do something — anything — to get people talking. A stunt, a sale, a press release, or (best of all) some fundamental change to your company. It doesn’t matter what it is, because you can’t predict what will work. So try a lot of stuff.

Zappos has become famous for their incredible word of mouth. But it’s not any one thing they’ve done. On any given day they have clever emails, contests, sales, twitterings, and a zillion other wacky things going on. It adds up.

Every single week your team needs to come up with one new conversation-starting stunt. Keep it simple.

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