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Starting conversations, one at a time

IMG_1831Brian Goulet makes handmade, inscribed wooden pens. Truly fantastic stuff.

But how does a one-person business stand out in a mass-produced, mass-marketing world? A small business can’t advertise their way past the clutter. You can’t do a mass-outreach campaign.

But you can use your uniqueness to your advantage.

IMG_1832Do what Brian did: Start giving unique products to loud people (like me). Bloggers, press, evangelists, socialites, and influencers. We each reach more people than Brian can, and his product is something that we use when other people are watching. We carry it around, we sign books with it — and people ask where we got it.

It works because a mass-produced product doesn’t get remarked upon. Everyone has it. The specialness is what starts the conversation.

That’s how word of mouth happens — one conversation at a time.

Thanks, Brian!

P.S. Check out Goulet Pens.

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