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Stupid politicians

The New York Times reports on a number of politicians who failed to secure their own names as domain names. has nothing to do with the candidacy of former Vice President Dan Quayle’s son, Ben, who is running for Congress in Arizona. Among the advertisers that have used the site is the Democratic National Committee, which promoted the accomplishments of President Obama, whom Ben Quaylehas called history’s worst president.

At, there are no kind words for Representative Brad Ellsworth, an Indiana Democrat who is running for the Senate. The site forwards visitors, run by the Indiana Republican Party, which criticizes Mr. Ellsworth as a “reliable rubber stamp for liberal policies.”

This sort of mistake is basic incompetence. Especially for a politician, who has presumably been planning their career for many years.

A good domain is the most basic tool for any business — established company or new entrepreneur. It’s your front door; it’s where people find you. Imagine a McDonald’s not putting up a sign. Or opening up in the basement of a Burger King.

Own a great domain. Own all the version of it (.org, plural, misspellings, etc.). Make sure people can say it clearly and and spell it easily. Accept no compromises.

Throw all your branding and marketing in the garbage if you miss this step. You blew it.

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