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Sunday Inspiration: Optimism vs. Pessimism

I don't know if the optimists or the pessimists are right. But the optimists are going to get something done. — Craig Venter

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  1. Kare Anderson June 7, 2009 at 9:37 am #

    We are born with a bent toward optimism or pessimism – along a curve. Optimism attracts opportunity. The good news for those on the pessimistic end is that, with practice, they can become more upbeat & resilient, as noted in Learned Optimism.
    When those of the pessimistic side experience something bad it feels Permanent, Pervasive & Personal. I feel blessed to have been born on the upbeat end and am in a lifelong attempt to be patient with those who are not.
    It does not innately connect to goodness or smartness.
    Plus some research shows that those on the dour side are often more realistic than us often sunny people.
    So referring to Craig’s quote above, we optimists may get active yet pessimists may be more likely, in some cases, to do the right thing to make something successful.
    In short, as you’ve amply demonstrated again and again – we need each other.
    And in my Moving From Me to We research I’ve found that the most successful opportunity-makers in this Connected Age are the one most able to see and seize and opportunity by recruiting the right team – often involving people extremely unlike them.

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