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Sun’s Blackbox

K3_project_blackbox_1Sometimes it’s the frosting, not the cake.

Word of mouth sometimes comes from doing something substantive and fantastic.  And sometimes if comes from something that may not be core to the product but gets people talking.

Sun delivers their new servers ready-to-run in a shipping container, called Project Blackbox.  Pretty cool, definitely worth talking about.

I don’t know much about industrial-scale servers … but I do know that if they just shipped them like regular computers, nobody would have been talking about it.  Instead, there are a ton of blog posts and a very flattering Fast Company article, and they kept the conversation going with a cool video on YouTube (34,000+ views as of this writing.)

Would Fast Company ever have written about "Sun releases new computer?"

The lesson:  If you’re not worth talking about, add some frosting.

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