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The Chief Customer Officer job description

Here’s a guest post Jeanne Bliss, customer experience expert and author of “I Love You More Than My Dog,” wrote for our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day.

This is a brief, shorthand description for the Chief Customer Officer. You can use this as the starting point for a job description, modifying it as necessary for your organization.

The goals of the CCO are to:

  • Engage the organization in managing customer relationships, revenue, and profit.
  • Create a persistent focus on the customer in the actions the company takes.
  • Drive the organization to work together for optimum customer experience delivery.
  • Support leaders in their role as cultural leaders in the transformation journey.

As a change agent inside the company, the Chief Customer Officer performs four specific functions:

1. Establishes metrics for defining the relationship with customers

Partners: Usually finance and marketing for guerrilla metrics; issue trending requires engagement and alignment with all functional vice presidents

  • Guerrilla metrics; simple metrics to manage customers as an asset.
  • Voice of the Customer competency development.
    • Real-time issue trending and tracking (such as complaints).
    • Corralling all the surveys and uniting a company-wide approach.
    • Optimizing for “listening” pipe opportunities, web, social media, field, etc.
  • Create a united platform for understanding and taking action.

2. Influences cross-company agreement on how to deliver greatest value to customers

Partners: Marketing and finance (and sales, depending on the organization)

  • Define what customers value — how to determine the differentiating experience to be delivered.
  • Determine what customers to invest in.
  • Decide where to make investment decisions, that is, the highest-impact contacts and efforts.
  • Create a common language set and definitions for the customer experience.

3. In partnership with leaders, drives accountability through cross-company data and metrics

Partners: The chief executive and all functional vice presidents

  • Facilitate the development of the accountability action chain, establishing the approaches and implementation of research to understand customer loyalty and return on investment (ROI).
  • Work with leaders to identify baseline metrics for tracking interaction with customers.
  • Drive tracking and reporting to get to reliability in key interactions.
  • Lead the accountability forums — when to meet with whom to drive accountability.
  • Work with leaders on messages, reinforcing, recommendations for recognition, and driving the culture change forward.

4. Clarifies a common approach and process for driving the work across the organization

Partners: All of the functional vice presidents

  • Identify operational accountability cross-functional alliances.
  • Facilitate working together across the silos instead of separately within them.
  • Instill the discipline of process change and change management into the organization.

Take Action: Download the Chief Customer Officer Job Description

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