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The difference between being good and excellent is one tiny extra detail

WD-40We produce a lot of conferences each year.

And we obsess about the details. Absolutely nothing is too small.

We travel around the country with extra suitcases full of 200 pounds of things that we might need. Things that might save the day. Zip ties, 5 types of thumb tacks, 6 kinds of tape, a hair dryer, chocolate, batteries, etc.

At our last event, the door to the auditorium was squeaking loudly. Enough to ruin the keynote. So we grabbed the can of WD-40 that we’ve taken to 10 cites, unused, and solved it with 2 squirts (while the facilities manager offered to fill out a work order and get it fixed in a few weeks).

That little extra prep is the difference between good and excellent. (It’s also why I’m fun to go camping with … I have that extra thing you need.)

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