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The fastest way to make people happy

Sometimes things just go wrong. Angry customers are storming the gates.  The situation is melting down.  It happens to every business.

Find the fastest way to make people happy.

It doesn’t need to be a solution to the problem that made them angry.  It need to be a quick and grand gesture to show that you understand and that you care.

  • Canceled flights?  Airlines should run to Home Depot and buy 100 power strips. Instant calm as 600 people can plug in and tune out.
  • Long wait for tables at a restaurant?   Pass out free drinks to people in line.
  • Waiting room delays?  Give out gift certificates to the nearest fast food and call customers’ cell phone when it’s their turn.

If you move quickly with a response that shows sympathy, you’ll pop the growing balloon of anger and bring things back to civility, giving you space to solve the real problem.

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