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The fundamentals of being buzzworthy

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Becoming a truly buzzworthy company isn’t easy. But if you can pull it off, you’ll create a competitive advantage that will carry you through good times and bad. The key ingredients:

1. Sell amazing stuff
2. Bake it into your company
3. Create a movement

1. Sell amazing stuff

Word of mouth only works for great products, made by great companies, backed by real support. If you don’t make a product worth talking about, no amount of stunts, gimmicks, or tactics will overcome this. This is what makes word of mouth so amazing: The good guys win, the bad guys don’t.

2. Bake it into your company

One smart, hard-working person can do wonders for a company’s word of mouth. But legendary word of mouth brands are built when everyone is earning the respect and recommendation of customers. This takes more than a dedicated person; it requires committing to a fundamental philosophy in how a company should operate.

3. Create a movement

You’re officially a buzzworthy company when you’re leading a movement and not just cranking out widgets and service offerings. It comes from standing for something and developing a community of evangelists who want to see you succeed. What are you out to fix? What are you going to change? Why should we follow you? Why should we bring our friends?

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