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The guest post trap (which can destroy your web site)

If you have a blog, someone (usually claiming to be a freelance writer) has approached you to write guests posts for your blog. They claim they just want to help you with free content or they want help promoting their career.

Warning: It’s a trap, and you’re going to get screwed.

How? Because most of these people are fake identities from services that embed paid placements for marketers in the posts. It’s a form of spam to rig search engine rankings by spreading links across the web.

At least, you’re a sucker who’s being tricked into promoting something shady.

At worst, you could have your site removed from Google, which will destroy your traffic.

Advice: Ignore all these offers. If you can’t find a proper LinkedIn professional profile of the author, it’s a scam. If you accept guest posts, only do it from people you know and trust.

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