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The little things matter #2

I wrote about the nice word-of-mouth-worthy coffee perks at a $700 hotel in Miami.

But I also travel to exotic destinations like Marriott’s Fairfield Inn in Grand Rapids.

CIMG1872Waiting for me in the room:  Cookies, water, and manager Jodi Beers’ business card.  It was a weekend, it was a personal trip, and there was no reason to do anything special for me.

But Jodi did.  This entire gesture cost $1 and took 1 minute.  Made me very happy.

It’s not about the chance that some guy like me will blog it.  It’s about the genuine warm-and-fuzzy feelings that each customer leaves with.

I’m curious about how/if Marriott encourages this.  I stay there fairly often, and this sort of thing  happens a lot, usually in the out-of-the-way locations.

Your job:  Right now – find something nice you can do for every customer that costs less than $1.

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