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The National Restaurant Association gets it!

One of our clients is the National Restaurant Association.  They produce the amazing National Restaurant Show. 

(I’ll be speaking at the show, May 17-20, more info here.) 

In just 4 weeks they launched more genuine word of mouth programs faster than anyone we’ve worked with.  Here are some of my favorites: 

  1. Full press access for bloggers. Give bloggers respect and status and they will pour in to support you. (link
  2. Blog about VIPs.  They launched a new show blog called "Floored!" to cover the official activities at they event. When they blog about speakers, speakers blog about them, like I’m doing right now. (link
  3. Buzz. Famed "Will It Blend" viral phenomenon and Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson will be grinding stuff on the show floor.  Work with someone already viral and you pick up their viral fans.

Many of these initiatives are small starters for a big push for next year’s show. But they’re all fantastic. 


  1. Just do it. Word of mouth is easy and you don’t need a big budget or big agency. 
  2. Try lots of little things.  You never know which will work and go big-time viral.
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